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I'm a songwriter first and foremost.

I give guitar and songwriting lessons online, and write music all day. Honestly, I play over 8+ hours a day, everyday. I love it so much, I lose track of time.

My dream of getting my music heard through my band Spiral Atlas, Vertebreaker, as well as through my other bands, and my own endeavors as a solo artist, are constantly being expanded on too. My music is what I live for. I'm searching nonstop for that next great song, and I cant wait for you to hear it!

I started playing guitar when I was 7.. I've been playing guitar for over 24 years now. I am also an experienced singer, drummer, lyricist, composer, songwriter, frontman, and entertainer.
I am open to collaborating with you, if you can present music that catches my eye. Don't be shy 

My music style, like any good musician, has evolved over the years. My roots are in Metal - groove, shred, thrash, death, core - you name it. My taste matured over the years through cycles of blues, classic rock, and country, until I was introduced to very melodic instrumental guitar music such as Andy McKee, Animals as Leaders, Polyphia, CHON, and Jason Richardson, which were all fundamental to my own modern day guitar style. I can confidently say I have my own style after years of playing - I hope you like it!

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